June 27, 2010

Getting to Know You

This is my first week participating. It's lot of fun so be sure to head over to MannLand5 and link up! Happy Sunday!

1.If you had 5000.00 to spend on plastic surgery what would you have done? My tummy! After having two kids in two years, I am not sure if my stomach will ever be the same. I am stretch mark free thank goodness but the elasticity is horrible!

2. Do you watch Soap operas and if so what is your favorite and why? Of course! I am a Soap Opera junkie! One Life to Live and General Hospital! I just love all the drama! It's my daily addiction!

3. Favorite clothing brand? Express

4. An afternoon shopping spree at your favorite store or maid service for a year? Oh my that is a hard one... I am thinking the maid service. With a husband, two girls, and two dogs I just can't keep up anymore.

5. Would you ever vajazzle? No

6. Favorite Disney Princess? Belle

7. Last movie that made you bawl your eyes out? I can't even even remember because I don't get to watch movies often.

8. Have you ever broken any bones and if so what? None, thank goodness


Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

I would pick the maid service too! I seriously had to google Vajazzle. I had no idea what that was!