June 18, 2010

Weekend Review - Fisher Price Waterfall Peek-a- Boo Soother

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The Fisher Price Waterfall Peek-a-Boo Soother is on my top 10 things of must have's for your baby! This is god sent of all items. Without this I would have really been sleep deprived! The second you hit the button to turn it on it's an instant sleepy button for babies. Heck it even works for adults, :-). I don't know what about the rain forest noises that makes a baby get sleepy all of a sudden, but heck who cares because it works!!! This is a total must have for your newborn!
Disclaimer: This opinion is my own. I wrote this review without the request of the company. They have not contacted me in any way nor did they supply me with any products.


Victoria said...

Hey there!

I'm giving away an infant tub if you want to enter :)


blueviolet said...

What a cute toy that is! I'm your newest follower!