June 7, 2010

Under the weather....

Sorry for the lack of blogging... I have been feeling under the weather since last Thursday. No, I am NOT pregnant :-) That seems to be the first question someone asks when I say I am not feeling well. I am thinking its allergies but not 100%. I am all stuffed up and my head hurts :-( I'll give it another day or two before I head to the doctors.

Since I didn't blog much last week I need to play catch up. Thursday, the girls and I went over to the Splash Pad with our play group. It was was a lot of fun. Payten has a blast every time we go and Camryn enjoys watching all the crazy kids :-)

Friday evening, I met a few girlfriends at Bahama Breeze for a GIRLS ONLY night out. It was great having adult conversations and catching up. I am hoping we can make this like a monthly thing. I really enjoyed it.

My weekend was kind of a blur. Saturday we had a yard sale. Remind me NEVER to have one in June! It was so hot! Just unbearable! It was worth the money we made but still. The fall is so much better to have one. I was a bit sad to part with some of the girls clothes and things but there is just no room to store all this stuff. After being in the sweltering heat for hours, we enjoyed a nice swim in the pool.

Yesterday we had a yummy breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and spent the rest of the day cleaning/organizing. I did sneak in a 3 hour nap since I wasn't feeling too good.

I am hoping we get to hit the water park's next weekend :-) Hope everyone had a great weekend!