June 28, 2010


A little about our day...

The hubby: Hi hun, how is your day going?
Me: It's going okay. Ya know the usual.
The hubby: I am on my way home.. I'll see you in a little bit. Oh crap I gotta turn around I forgot the cats at work!
Me: What did you say?
The hubby: I forgot the cats at work.
Me: Did you just say cats??
The hubby: Yes cats.. C-A-T-S

I know it probably doesn't sound funny.. but it's one of those gotta be there things. Sean found kittens at his work today. So he rescued them. Our friend Tammy is going to nurse them to good health. Aren't they so cute?? Thank you so much Tammy.

I am thinking Patrick was watching down on us today... We love you Patrick!


Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such kind words! Following you back and can't wait to get to know you better. Your girls are PRECIOUS!!

And those kittens! Ahh!!! A-freakin'-dorable!! I think the multi-color calico-like one is my favorite!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Heather! Yes that is my favorite kitten too! Thanks for stopping by!