June 25, 2010

Weekend Review - Step2 Lifestyle Party Time Kitchen

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This week I am bragging about Payten's ultimate favorite Christmas present. I mean she didn't even unfinish wrapping it before she started to play. Haha. If I knew it was going to be such a hit I wouldn't have bought the millions of other gifts. :-)

It is the Step2 Lifestyle Party Time Kitchen. Around Black Friday, Toys R Us was offering a great deal on this kitchen, and it was just the right size and had just the right features. It did take Santa Sean a little while to put together Christmas Eve but was totally worth it after seeing Payten's facial expressions Christmas morning!

Not only is this one of Payten's favorites but its now Camryn's too. SinceCamryn can crawl she helps her self to the items in the oven and fridge. It's hysterical!

Payten was so tired after opening all her presents Christmas morning, but that didn't stop her from playing in her new little kitchen. Payten was 22 months at Christmas time and I like it was great for her age.

Hope you enjoyed this week's Weekend Review! Happy Friday and don't forget to check out the other weekend reviews!

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Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

We have a similar step 2 kitchen that my oldest daughter loved and now, my youngest is LOVING!

blueskiesandgreenlights said...

Hi!!! I am your newest follower from Welcome Wednesdays!!! I just love your blog!!! It is so darn cute!!! You daughters are darling!!! I could not stop reading about your family adventures!!!

Let me just say that the beach you went to is gorgeous. I am a total beach person. We were actually in your neck of the woods a couple years back. We vacationed in the Keys, and went to Miami for the day. It was so beautiful.

My daughter got this exact kitchen for Christmas this past year too. I also got it on Black Friday---I am a fiend for Black Friday finds!!! She loves it. It is in our kitchen, and anytime I cook...she also cooks!!! The other night she made pasta and watermelon slice...ha ha ha

Well, hope you'll stop by and follow me back!!!