September 25, 2012

Perfect weekend!

I thought our weekend wasn't going to turn out to be a great one but ended up being just perfect!

Friday evening, Payten's soccer practice got rained out.  It seems to be the trend lately. :-(  So since the girls we are all rallied up we decided to head to Target.  An icee and popcorn is just what they needed!  It was rainy all night, so we all got dressed into our pj's and headed to bed rather early.  It was a good thing since our 8:30a soccer game came pretty fast Saturday morning :-)

Payten had her 1st official soccer game!  She had a blast along with her teammates.  They all did amazing!  We don't keep score in this league but our team definitely won. The score was like 35-5, no joke.  For every 10 goals we got the other team got one. :-)

Since the game was so early we were able to squeeze in a day at the water park!  It was PERFECT weather!  Not too hot, the water was a perfect temperature.  I am so glad we decided to go!  With our busy weekends coming up it might be the last for the season :-(

Saturday evening we had an adult night out, woot woot!  Luckily lately its been like once a month, which I am LOVING!  I think we need to keep this trend.  We headed out to celebrate our friend Rob's 35th birthday!  We had a lot of fun.  Lots of great laughs!

Sunday morning we started our day at Ally's 4th Birthday party.  It was at Gymboree Music and Play.  The girls loved it!!!  And it was a perfect way to tire them out for a Sunday afternoon nap :-) Ally's party was a blast and awesome decorations thanks to her mommy, Kim!! 

It was a busy weekend but definitely a fun one!  We are looking forward to some fall fun soon!  Let's just hope it cools off in Florida soon so we can enjoy it without sweating :-)