September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Oh how I LOVE long weekends!  I think every weekend should be three days long!  I know I am day dreaming but wouldn't that be great!!

We started our long weekend out by heading to the soccer fields Friday evening for Payten's 1st soccer practice (post below about that).  After soccer we headed to our friends for a BBQ.  The girls a had a ton of energy so we knew we'd have no problem keeping them up a little past their bed time :-)

Saturday morning we went to Aquatica.  We only stayed for a few hours, and not because it was crowded because it really wasn't especially for a holiday weekend, but we wanted to get home with enough time for the girls to get a nap and still get a few things done before the hubby and I went out to celebrate my girlfriend Tiffany's birthday :-)

 During the weekend, well actually the start of our weekend, our a/c unit upstairs decided to die out.  Ugh!  Its been one of those years.  Everything seems to be breaking, grrr!  So since it was sooo miserably hot in our house we headed to my parents for the rest of the weekend. We were planning on making the trip down there but now we had even more of a reason to head out!
The girls of course had a blast as always!  They love going to Mema & Poppy's.  We kind of laid low.  Hung by the pool, went to the beach... it was nice not to have any "definite" plans!  It's so what we needed.  
My girls are total beach babes!  They love it!  If the sun wasn't so brutal we would have stayed all day but it was intense!!
 Hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend!!!  Now when is our next long weekend?.... hehe!