September 17, 2012

Weekend - House Stuff

Like always lately our weekends are SUPER busy!  Between soccer practice/games, birthday parties, other events, its like never ending over here.  Pretty much every weekend from now until November we have at least 2 things going on throughout the weekend, most weekends its more like 3 things or more.  Pure craziness! 

Our weekend started with soccer practice on Friday evening.  Sean and Payten went alone this time, while Camryn and I hung at home.  It was a little rainy and hot so we decided to stay home in the a/c and relax :-)  Friday was supposed to be our monthly Bunco girls night but since so many backed out we turned it into a dinner/drinks night.  Totally works for me!  We headed to my fav, Bonefish!!!  What's better then bang bang shrimp tacos, great friends, and martini's!!!  I wore my new necklace from Apriot Lane.  Love it!!  Super trendy and cute!!

Saturday morning Payten had her first soccer game.  Just as they were starting the game it started to down pour.  So it got rained out :-(.  The kids were so disappointed.  So now they are really looking forward to next weeks game.

Luckily the rain cleared up fast because they we headed to Liam's 2nd birthday party.  It was a pool party/Luau.  The girls spent the entire time in the pool.  My girls are such water girls, nothing like their mommy :-)

The girls were exhausted from all of the fun in the sun, so it was an early night for them.  I decided to conquer a few of my pinterest ideas for our bedroom.  They are a work in progress but really coming along.  I am loving how they turned out!!

 Wall Art - Fabric canvas'
Fabric orbs

Yesterday was a quite day home.  We totally needed it.  After a busy week and Saturday, it was nice to just relax!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Happy Monday!