September 21, 2012

Little Diva's

I am sure you all figured out my of obsession with photography.  Whether I am the one snapping pics of my girls or having a professional snap them, I just LOVE photos!  I think I love them so much because when I think I can't remember a time when the girls are little I go back through my pictures and relive those moments again.  It's so true that once you have children time just flies.  I really try to take it all in and remember every detail of the girls growing up but unfortunately that isn't always the case.

At this time my girls are totally into dressing up and being total Diva's.  I wonder they get that from? Haha.  I really thought it would be a fun thing to capture this moment.  And thank you to amazing Lisa Lotter with ll photography, I was totally able to do that!  Thank you Lisa for these amazing images of my girls!  These by far are my favorite of all time!  It truly captured both of their personalities!