August 31, 2010

Random Things. .

Can you believe tomorrow is September 1st? Isn't that just crazy? Where did the summer go? Although living in Florida we have another two months, at least, of our summer but I still can't believe that Christmas will be here in FOUR months! Every year I say I am going to start my shopping early and have it finished by November 1st and of course it never happens. And its pretty safe to say it won't be happening this year either. :-(

Camryn's 1st Birthday party is coming super fast! October 2nd is just a month a few days away! I started a few months ago gathering ideas and now I am finally starting to implement them! Everything always sounds so great in your head but when you start putting it together, its like wow what have I gotten myself into. LOL. I really need to create a checklist. It would make things a little bit easier on me, but who knows if I will actually get around to that. Invitations have been ordered, received, addressed.. now they are just waiting on stamps. Oh how I hate the post office! Last night I worked with my friend Kim on a highchair banner and some cute little accents for some decor. Did I tell you how much I love the Cricut? I want one so very bad! That would be a awesome Christmas present from Santa (wink wink). My other friend Dana is coming on Friday to help start on the tissue paper wreaths and tissue paper flowers. I am so excited! I promise I will post pictures and there will be lots of posts about the birthday party progress.

Payten finally did it... She didn't cry when her Daddy dropped her off at school today. Woo hoo! Now lets hope she can keep this up. Because it really breaks his heart to see her cry. Daddy's are such softy's :-)

It's a crazy week around here. Getting things packed for our mini beach vacation, and when I mean things I mean like the ENTIRE house, haha. We figured since its a long weekend we would make it even longer and enjoy a little getaway. I am really looking forward to just hanging out on the beach and relaxing, lets just hope these hurricanes stay away!!!

Did anyone watch the Bachelor Pad last night? I know I am confessing to watching that reality TV junk, but how can you not love people making themselves look like fools? It is pure entertain. Haha. I can not believe Dave went against his word and voted off Krisily. Typical guy not being trustworthy. Ugh! Okay enough about my reality tv addiction. Hope everyone is having a great week!


LeeAnn said...

I am so glad Payten had a better morning this morning! Good drop offs make for happy days for everyone!

And OMG I can't wait for Camryn's party! It sounds like it is going to be super fancy. Do I have to wear a dress? LOL

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Nothing worse then a hurricane to dampen the vacation!

I can't wait to see the party photos sounds like you have a lot planned!


Nic said...

I LOOOOVE The Bachelor Pad. Greatest thing to happen to TV this summer... well except for The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Oh and the return of Flipping Out. And The RHONY reunion show. Oh and... I watch a lot of high quality programming, huh?

But seriously, I do love TBP. And I agree, Dave was bogus (<---- I hate that word) this week!