August 16, 2010

Our Weekend

I have been such a bad blogger lately. . Every time I sit down to write a post I get distracted with something else or one of the girls are calling my name. So my new goal is to start writing up my posts when they are in bed for the evening. Let's see if it works.

This weekend it's been mostly just the girls and I. The hubby had his wisdom teeth extracted on Friday so he spent his weekend in bed. The girls and I did some back to school shopping for Payten. We have been on a hunt for closed toe shoes which living in Florida they are hard to find, well cute ones at least :-) It was nice to have a weekend of just girl time. Last night Payten asked if we could take a wagon ride, so I loaded the girls up and off we went. Despite the heat and mosquito's we made it around the neighborhood a few times.

After the wagon ride I decided to take out my camera and practice a bit. We have a beach vacation planned for a couple of weeks and I would love to get some pictures of the girls when we are there. I am hoping with practicing these next few weeks I'll be able to get a few good ones of them.

Some exciting news this weekend... Camryn has two teeth now! It is crazy that they just popped out of nowhere. YAY she finally has teeth! I thought I was going to have a toothless kid, haha!

Camryn just loves to clap now! It's too cute!


Marissa said...

I've said it probably 10 times now...those girls are BEAUTIFUL! Great pics!

LeeAnn said...

If you're looking for shoes for Payten for daycare, get sneakers! She is going to be tearing them up me. :-) Rylie is allowed to wear sandals, but she prefers sneakers so she can run better outside. LOL

Great pictures!

Momma Chantal said...

I'm your newest follower!

Your girls are precious!!

Mommies 2 Cents said...

Cute Blog! Happy Tuesday from a fellow Florida mom! I am following from Tuesday Tag Along. Hope you’ll stop by for a visit!

Katrina said...

Hey, I'm following from Tuesday Tag Along, great
blog! Your daughters are beautiful!

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Firefly said...

What adorbale girls you have. I love it when they think clapping is the best thing every it's so sweet. I'm a new follower from FMBT. If you have a chance please check out my blog:

Meaghan said...

Hi new follower from TTA. Also florida mommy.

I am Harriet said...

Adorable photos! How exciting to get her first tooth :)
Stopping by from the Tuesday Hops to say hello.

Have a great Tuesday!