October 30, 2009

Where'd they go??

Payten's new famous line... "Where'd they go?". I heard this many times today as the last of our visitors have departed. :-( We were all sad to see them go. Not only were they all a great help, it was so nice to have company. Payten absolutely loved having someone around 24/7 other then just her parents, we get boring after a while plus we tell her no. Haha. Thank you Mom B, Dad B, Tracy, Aunt Jane, Mom H, Laura, and David for all coming to visit us. We are so glad you all came to spend time with us and Camryn loved meeting her family. Come back and visit soon!

Tomorrow morning we will prepare for Trick or Treat. I can't wait to see how Payten does this year going around from house to house. I will be sure to post pictures of our adventure.

Hope everyone is doing well. And I promise I will be better at posting once I have a little more free time :-) Happy Early Halloween!

Uncle Dave and the girls!

Uncle Dave, Laura, and the girls!