October 1, 2009

Happy October!!

Can you believe it's October already? Where has this year gone to? Last year we were so excited about celebrating Payten's 1st Halloween and now its almost her second. My test results came back negative for preeclampsia, that is good news. I just hope I can manage the next 13 days without getting it. Although with the swelling I am having you would think I have it. :-(

Is everyone's house ready for Halloween? Fall is my favorite time of the year, now if the weather could only cool down and stay that way it would be perfect. I am looking forward to pumpkin picking and hayrides but with 90+ degree weather its not too fun. So let's pray for some cooler weather :-)

Here is a picture of Payten in her Halloween costume from last year and one from this year. I can not believe how much she's changed. Happy Fall Ya'll! :-)