September 30, 2009

Update from the doctors!

I had my weekly OB appointment today, and things are progressing along. I am 1 cm dilated which we all know doesn't mean too much since you can be dilated for weeks. However my blood pressure is a bit high, and with my swelling Dr. Kareem is concerned. She had me do a panel of blood work to test me for preeclampsia. If the blood work comes out positive it looks like Camryn will be making her debut this weekend. Yikes! Of course we can't wait to meet her but now I am getting nervous. There is still so much to do and feel so unprepared. Since I have the afternoon off tomorrow, my goal is to get lots done. I am hoping this cooler weather stays around at least for a few days so it makes it easier for me to get out and about and get things accomplished. My results should be in at the latest on Friday. I will be sure to post an update if things change. Since many of you don't know what preeclampsia is. Here is a little information on it from the

What is preeclampsia?

Preeclampsia is a complex disorder that affects 3 to 8 percent of pregnant women. A woman is diagnosed with preeclampsia if she has high blood pressure and protein in her urine after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

(It's possible to have preeclampsia before 20 weeks, but only in rare cases, such as with a molar pregnancy.)

Preeclampsia most commonly shows up after 37 weeks, but it can develop at any time during the second half of pregnancy, including during labor or even after delivery — usually within the first 48 hours.

Preeclampsia can range from mild to severe, and it can progress slowly or rapidly. The only way to get better is to deliver the baby.