September 20, 2009

Our family filled weekend!

It started on Friday afternoon when Auntie Tracy and Sean came up for a visit. Auntie Tracy of course brought goodies for Payten and Camryn. She definitely spoils her nieces. We had a yummy chicken dinner, courtesy of Publix, hehe. Auntie Tracy gave Payten a bath and boy was there a big puddle of water on the floor. I am thinking they had a little too much fun splashing :-)

Can I get some privacy???

Seriously Mom :-)
Saturday afternoon Mema and Aunt Jane came up for a day visit. They helped get Camryn's room together for her arrival (since time is running out quickly, ekk), and played with Miss Payten. Since I spend everyday with Payten I forget how funny she is, especially with all her expressions. Mom and Aunt Jane got a huge kick out of her. My wonderful creative Aunt came up a great idea for the curtains in Camryn's room. I absolutely love them. See the picture below! And best of all we got a great deal on the ribbon, $1, gotta love bargains!

Today I headed to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with a few of my girlfriends from Orlando. It's been months since I have seen them so it was great catching up with them. Not to mention how yummy the food was. :-) Pineapple thin crust pizza, yum!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am off to relax for the weekend watch my Giants kick some Cowboy butt :-) I love football Sundays!


Larry and Kara Wright said...

Love those curtains! Cute idea. I love ribbon!!