September 14, 2009

35 Weeks

Another week has gone by... and we are that much closer to meeting Camryn. :-) I am actually going into my 36th week but I am little behind of course. I have my weekly OB appointment tomorrow so hopefully I will have some news that my c-section date has been moved up. Keep your fingers crossed. Although the closer it gets the more scared I am getting. It is going to be so hard for me to leave Payten overnight for a few nights and knowing I can't pick her up for a while is going to break my heart. :-( I am hoping I heal fast so things can go back to normal.

Here is what says this week...

All About Baby

At 35 weeks, your baby is considered full-term and she looks developed. The soft, fuzzy hairs that once covered her body begin to disappear. She continues to add fat layers, which will help her stay warm once she's out of the womb. During these last weeks, your baby is developed sleeping patterns (and they often have little to do with night and day!)

How Big Is Baby?

Your unborn baby weighs in at about five pounds, 10 ounces and stretches to around 12 inches (crown to rump).