October 10, 2009

Lots of visitors!

Camryn is one popular little girl already. She has lots of visitors in her first few days of life. I keep trying to tell her to not be rude and sleep threw their entire visit but she told me she needs her beauty rest so she can get big and play with her BIG sister Payten :-)

Mema & and Great Aunt Jane with Camryn Brooke. Thank you Mema and Aunt Jane for being such a big help with Payten. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful women in our lives!

While Mema, Aunt Jane, and Payten were visiting... Aunt Dana and her sister Beth came by to meet Camryn. The little angel managed to sleep threw her big sister running all around.

Ally's mommy, Kim stopped by for an evening visit to meet Camryn. Now we have three little girls in our play group. Come on Kim, lets make it four! I am sure we will be hearing some good news from Kim soon, because you hold a little one the baby fever starts!!! :-)

Little did Camryn know that she would have all these friends waiting for her. Thank you Ellison family for coming to visit. Camryn can't wait to play with all of you when she comes home.

Auntie Tracy had to squeeze in one more visit before Camryn headed home. Auntie T came to visit with Sean, we got to hang out and watch the Yankee game and have some dinner. We can't wait to see you in a few days!

It looks like today will be discharge day, so I am trying to take advantage of the downtime and keep up with blogging. When we return home today we are up to any visitors. So come on over, just call first though :-) Hope to see you all soon!