October 4, 2009

Is it Fall yet??

Everyone keeps talking about great fall weather, pumpkin & apple picking.... but not here in Florida. It's still in the high 90's. We are breaking records this fall for the highest temperatures. Oh lucky us! I am ready for the hot weather to fade away, so we can enjoy some time outdoors without breaking a sweat!

Our weekend has been pretty low key. Yesterday we did a few things around the house. We enjoyed some yummy pizza for lunch in the Villages. For once it actually tasted like NY style pizza! Sean had to work in the evening, so Payten and I enjoyed a walk with the Ellison Clan, and hung out for the evening at their house. The kids played and us mommies got to enjoy some adult conversation. :-)

Today has just been a day of chores. Lots of cleaning going on which is great because who knows when Miss Camryn will decide to make her appearance. Her letters have been hung in her nursery, and we purchased the area rug. It's actually coming along. I will post pictures soon!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!