October 15, 2009

Weight Check #2

Camryn had her second weight check this morning and she gained 3 ounces. Thank goodness because if she didn't gain we would be making another trip to the doctors. Although it doesn't matter too much since we have her two week check up on Tuesday. :-/ She is doing really well. She is a pretty content baby, I just hope it stays this way. :-)

Payten is doing great. She is loving being a big sister. She loves to hold Camryn and give her lots of kisses. It's too cute.

Things are still crazy around here but its coming along. I am feeling pretty good. Just taking it easy and enjoying having help with the girls and with the house chores.

Here are a few new pictures of the girls. :-)
I am going to try again at this Halloween shot, but not too bad for the first try :-)