August 12, 2009

What a weekend!

Well actually I should say what a way to end the weekend! Sunday evening around 5pm or so I decided to heat myself up some chili that was in the fridge for dinner. Sean wasn't hungry so I figured it was quick and easy. I ate about two spoonfuls and decided it just didn't taste right. After about an half hour or so I was feeling the greatest and asked Sean to come watch Payten for me because I needed to lie down. Within in minutes of saying that I was in the bathroom getting sick. I never ever have been that sick in my life. It kept going on for a few hours so I decided it was best to call my OB. She insisted I go to Winnie Palmer Hospital for monitoring since she was afraid I was going to get dehydrated and start having contractions.

Around 9pm or so Sean and I made it to Winnie. Luckily the wait in triage wasn't too bad so we were seen pretty quickly. Sure enough I was dehydrated so they hooked me up to an I.V (my least favorite thing) and started the fluids. Within a short time from that I was discharged because I was feeling better. We walked to the parking garage, starting driving away... and about three blocks into our drive I started getting sick again. I just couldn't believe it. I was feeling fine when I left. Sean kept saying lets go back to the hospital but I just wanted to go home.

We did make it home in time for me to get sick yet again, and finally by 3am I caved and called my OB back to tell her it's not gotten any better. She called in an anti-nausea medication to Walgreen's. After Sean spend over an hour and half fighting with the pharmacist on weather or not I have insurance, he finally made it home. That pill was a miracle!!!!!!!!! I finally stopped getting sick, but at this point it was 5:30am! I spent all of Monday in bed trying to catch up on some sleep and trying to feel better. It has taken days to finally start coming around and building my appetite back.

I am still unaware if it was really food poisoning or a stomach virus. But whatever it is I never want to experience it again!!!

I hope everyone else had a better weekend then us. I am hoping this next one will make up for it! Although we are super busy getting ready for our Wisconsin departure for Dan & Gaby's wedding next weekend, we hope this one is better then last! :-)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!!