August 14, 2009

I love Fridays...

Because that means its the weekend and I'm work free for at least two days! YAY! Although we have lots going on trying to get Camryn's room together, packing for Wisconsin, keeping up with the house, and then just the usual stuff; it's all exciting things!

This tim
e next week we will be at Dan & Gaby's wedding rehearsal getting everything together for their big day. We can't wait to be apart of it! I am praying that Payten does a great job being a flowergirl but not sure what to expect out of a 18 month old. At least she'll look cute, right? :-)

We are heading to Mom & Dad Bachur's this weekend for
some last minute root touching up, hair cuts, the usual.. and maybe even squeeze in some beach time. Although it will only be a day trip I am sure it will be fun. Let's hope the rain holds out until night time.

I was going to do a weekly pregnancy update but I can't keep up. My ticker reads 31 weeks, and I didn't even post about 30 weeks. Oh well, I will take a break for a few weeks. When things get a little less crazy I will post one. My next doctors appointment is on the 26th.

Payten is quite the character these days. She is forming some personality. A little from her Daddy and a little from me. I called her name today and her response was... "What?" Oh boy are we are in for it! We have a sassy one on our hands.

I am off to finish up some laundry and relax for the evening. Have a great weekend everyone!