August 27, 2009

Update from our doctor appointments

Payten had her 18 month well check up yesterday. She did great with the shots. With each time it gets easier for her. Thank goodness! We are on the list for the flu shot, so as soon as that comes out we will be making another visit to Dr. Yarckin. The little peanut only weighs 21 lbs. The doctor is a little concerned and would like to see her in 3 months for a weight check. I am quite perturbed about this. I mean doesn't he see that Sean and I aren't big people. Obviously she inst going to be this huge kid. Ugh, so anyway we'll see what happens. In the meantime we'll try and fatten her up. Haha.

As for my doctors appointment.... it was basically the same. Nothing they can do about my swelling except for me to stay off my feet as much as possible, and since my blood pressure is okay the swelling is normal. I can't see how they think having no ankles or feet is normal, but who knows. I am still dehydrated which I figured because I can feel it. BUt I drink so much and nothing seems to be helping. :-( I have a growth ultrasound on the 10th, so hopefully I will know more then. I am hoping they will take me in when I reach 37 weeks, but we'll see.... Until then I continue to feel miserable and count down the days. :-(

In the meantime, we are going to go this weekend to get the last minute things for Camryn that way I can spend the entire month of September just relaxing on the weekends. I am hoping we get it all accomplished so I can spend Sunday floating around in the pool and napping all day :-)

Hope everything is going well with everyone! Have a great weekend!