August 30, 2009

Last weekend in August!

Another weekend has flown by. I just don't understand how they go by so fast. Whether we are busy or just lounging around the house, they always seem to fly by. :-(

Saturday we took a trip into Orlando, to get some essentials for Camryn and to register at Babies R Us. Well of course all the things I needed to get where out of stock, figures so I didn't get much accomplished. Looks like I will be making another trip there soon! Then we decided to head over to Pottery Barn Kids to pick up some finishing details for the girls bathroom. Got an adorable tooth brush holder and garbage can, well its more of a basket but it'll work for a garbage can. :-) After a quick trip there we headed over to the Prime One Outlets. Another unsuccessful trip for Camryn essentials, but I did walk out of there with a new Coach diaper bag. Sean spoiled me as always. The bag was 50% off so how could we pass it up?? :-) After a long HOT day of shopping we headed home. Payten and I managed to squeeze in a nap, and after that we headed to Olive Garden for a yummy dinner! I have been craving it so we had to go :-)

Sunday was our lounging day... well more like working around the house kind of day. I started washing Camryn's new ending pile of clothes, organized the nursery a bit, cleaned the house, and of course I had to have a Sunday nap. :-)

Although it wasn't too crazy of a weekend, it was nice to be close to home. I feel like the past few weekends we have been in other places, and sometimes its nice to sleep in our bed, and attempt to sleep in a bit (9am??), which isn't bad when you have a toddler!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! :-)