August 16, 2009

Productive Weekend!

Another weekend coming to an end, but I actually feel okay about Monday coming since we have an exciting week ahead of us and not to mention we got lots accomplished this weekend!

Saturday we headed to Mom & Dad Bachur's house for a day visit. We attempted to go to the beach, but we weren't even there 20 minutes before the storms starting to roll in. Ugh! We headed back to the house had some Applebee's to go for lunch and lounged by the pool. I ran to a few stores with my mom, while the boys and Payten stayed home to nap and play :-) We were back on the road by 10pm to head home. I would have loved to spend the weekend but had way too much to do at home.

Sunday morning, Payten and I made a trip to Target. Picked up some last minute things for our trip and a few groceries to get us threw our short week home. While we were shopping Sean was finishing the chair rail in Camryn's room, and clearing the room out. We even managed to pull almost all the weeds in the front! We were on a roll! Now we only had time to do that backyard. But I guess that will wait until we return. Started ironing and packing for our trip and amazing enough I am almost done. Woo hoo! I wish every weekend could be so productive but we're not that lucky.

Since we have a crazy week ahead of us with leaving for Wisconsin on Thursday I may not get around to blog. But I hope everyone has a great week and I will be sure to post lots of pictures from Dan & Gaby's wedding! Wish me luck getting Payten to walk down the aisle :-)