August 8, 2009

Another week down....

It's been quite crazy around here! The weeks are flying by which is great but I feel like we are running out of time before Camryn makes her appearance. This past week has been crazy since I was in the office all week for work. My 40 hour work week turned into a 54 hour work week with my commute. I am so glad I don't have to do that everyday!!!

We are finally making progress with the nursery. The furniture arrived a lot sooner then I had anticipated so Sean is in super mode to get it finished. We should be picking it up sometime next week. So stay tuned for pictures!

Our double stroller arrived and I absolutely love it! Nice and light weight which is a big bonus and pretty easy to steer. I just hope Payten doesn't bug Camryn too much since it's a side by side. We shall see.

We have plans with the Berry family this evening for some pool fun and a fondue night! We can't wait! Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!