May 17, 2009

Birthday Weekend

My birthday weekend started off with some shopping at the Prime Outlets in Orlando. We got some awesome deals at Gymboree and Carters. Payten is one styling little girl. While we were there we got some dinner at the food court. I was craving pizza so of course I had to have some. It was soo good, of course not like back at home but it'll do :-)

On Saturday morning, Sean, Payten, & I headed over to Blizzard Beach. We purchased annual passes for this year. We figured it would be a fun thing to do throughout the summer. They have an awesome kiddie area. As you can see from the pictures Payten had a blast. She wasn't too sure at first about being able to walk through the water but it didn't take her to long to start splashing all around.
She had a few spills into the water. Which the first one was a bit traumatic but after that she just got right back up. She is our little water bug!
One of her favorites was going down all the fun slides with her Daddy. There was little ones and big ones and of course the big ones are always more fun. Hopefully next time she'll go down with her Mommy. :-)
As you can tell after 3 1/2 hours she was completely exhausted. She even almost fell asleep in lazy river with Sean. She was just too cute! We are hoping to make it make back Memorial Day weekend. :-)

After our fun afternoon at the water park, I headed over to the nail salon and Sean treated me to a manicure and pedicure. It turned into a 3 hour affair but it was soo nice to just relax and have my feet rubbed... hehe. Auntie Tracy came over to watch Payten while Mommy & Daddy enjoyed a yummy seafood dinner at Red Lobster. I finally had my snow crab legs that I have been craving. They were sooo good!! I am hoping we can get back there soon!

Today, Sunday was a normal Sunday for us.... Yard work, grocery shopping, cleaning, and an afternoon nap of course. :-) Spent the day preparing for another week of work... Oh joy. Sean & I are both looking forward to the three day weekend next week.

Thank you everyone for my birthday wishes and making my day special!!

Hope everyone has a great week! Try to stay dry but with all this rain I'm sure its impossible.

PS - Baby Braelyn has not arrived just yet but hoping she makes her appearance soon. I will be sure to update when she arrives. My prediction is May 18th.. yup tomorrow, so we shall see. :-)


T said...

Girl if you are right I will kiss your feet...ha