May 8, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - Living Rooms

One of my favorite bloggers, Kelly's Korner, is hosting a "Show Us Where You Live". Every Friday she will pick a different room of the house to share with everyone. What a great way to get decorating ideas! Since I missed last week's edition. I have enclosed my "Kitchen" pictures at the end of this post. Hope you

This is where most of our relaxing happens. We love to spend rainy Sundays laying on our cozy couch! Too bad we don't get too many of them living in Florida. :-(

My favorite item in this room, is by far the picture wall I created. I absolutely love looking at those pictures everyday. And with time it will be added to. As you can tell I am huge picture freak! No throw pillows for us (although I do love them), with a toddler they seem to be on the floor more then on the couch. Maybe someday we can go back to accessorizing our house. :-) Hope you enjoyed our Living Room!

Show Us Where you Live Friday - Kitchen

Here is our kitchen. By far my favorite room of the house! It was remodeled about 2 years ago and I absolutely love it!!!! Although it took months to complete and my house was a complete disaster, it was well worth the wait!

As you can tell I like the least amount of things on my counter. I am not a fan of clutter! So I try to keep it pretty simple. However during the holiday months they are filled with lots of decorations!! Hope you enjoyed taking a tour of our Living Room & Kitchen. See you next week for another edition of "Show Us Where You Live Friday"!!


Danielle said...

You have a great house! I wish I had an island in my kitchen. I too have a toddler who likes to throw our "throw" pillows on the ground but I haven't given up yet on taking them out yet!

Kimberly said...

super cozy and i LOVE your kitchen! thanks for sharing!

Amber S said...

I love the curtians, they are so pretty!

Caroline said...

You home looks nice, thanks for sharing.
PS I love the gymboree suit your daughter is in.

Annie said...

I like your house. It's so pretty. BTW, what color do you have at walls? I like to use the same for my living room.

Also the walls decorations are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Annie, it is called Toffee Crunch by Behr. Thank you all for the nice comments!!