May 6, 2009

A moment at last. .

I have been trying to write this email for days but every time I sit down something comes up. Story of my life. :-)

Last week was quite a crazy week. Payten had went to the doctor a week and half ago and was diagnosed with an ear infection in both ears so they put her on penicillin. Well about 6 days later she breaks out in this horrible rash. I took her to the doctor on Friday and comes to find out she is allergic. So no more penicillin for her. However she was pretty miserable all weekend. She was trying to itch but of course has no idea how to do that, so she would drag her back along the couch. I just felt horrible. Thankfully by Monday she was feeling a thousand times better. But now we are conquering the good old teeth battle. She has about 5 coming in at the same time. I am hoping all this pain goes away soon so she can be her happy self.

Before Payten had her reaction we did manage to squeeze in a visit with Kim & Ally. We had a yummy lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, and Wednesday we had her 1 year photo session (yes I know a little late) but it was re-takes. And they came out amazing. The link is below of the proofs. The rest of the week and weekend we pretty much stay quarantined to the house.
On Saturday, even despite our red dotted daughter, we went to have our "gender" ultrasound. Of course in the beginning the baby wasn't cooperating so we were kind of bummed but after a few coughs we got the baby to its legs.... and it's a GIRL! Yup that makes two baby girls for us! We are so happy Payten is going to have a little sister. We look forward to meeting Baby Girl Hogan #2 in October!

I hope every one's week is going well! Happy Wednesday! And if I don't get a chance to blog before Sunday, Happy Mother's Day!!