May 14, 2009

Another long week...

It's been another long week! The beginning was super busy and now the past day or so has been dragging. It probably doesn't help that I haven't felt the greatest. I am looking forward to the weekend. Although I would like to skip over my birthday on Saturday and just stay 25 for at least another year, I don't think that can happen... I still can't believe I am going to be 26!!! I am always considered the young one amongst most of my friends but let me tell you I am starting to feel really old! I know age is just a number, but still 26!!!!!!!!!!! Yikes! We have lots of plans for the weekend ahead and will be sure to share them with you on Sunday evening. :-) Tuesday I had an OB appointment and everything is going well so far. Right now we have a tentative date of October 22nd for Baby Hogan's arrival but we are hoping to get that bumped up a few days. We'll have to work on talking to the doctor about that. Other then that I am just getting rounder and rounder by the day, still pretty tired but hoping my energy comes back soon because we have lots of house projects to work on. Our BIG level 2 ultrasound is scheduled for June 8th. So stay tuned to more Baby Hogan news.

Have a great weekend everyone!