April 5, 2009

I love Sundays!

I figured its been a while since I actually wrote what was going on here in this crazy household. Sometimes I don't know whether we are coming or going here. But hey we always have lots of excitement. :-)

We had a great weekend! But they sure do go by fast! Saturday we headed over to the Millenia Mall, Payten got to visit the Easter bunny, and absolutely loved him. She would have sat in his lap all day. Sean had to pry her away from him. She was too cute. After that we had some lunch and did a little shopping. Then we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory (my fav) and met Dana & Doug there. We had some yummy dinner and the best part was dessert of course. I am still dreaming of that piece of cheesecake.. Haha. The littlest things excite me. :-) Today we played catch up on house work and the never ending laundry piles. I have been spending the day preparing for my crazy week ahead of me. I will be going into work this week for my bi-annual rotation but although it will be a long, crazy week... I am actually looking forward to some adult conversations during the day. I certainly love working from home but it has its downfalls as anything does.

Well let's see what is new with Payten.... Our little peanut turned 13 months last week. I just can't believe how fast time is flying by. It feels like we just celebrated her 1st birthday. She has been trying lots of new foods. And we are almost done with bottles. YAY! She is loving the sippy cup, thank goodness. Now we if we can kick the pacifer habit. But I am afraid that is one thing that is going to take a while. That's okay though, one thing at a time. No more crawling for her, she walks everywhere! She is a speed demen going up the stairs. I think she is even faster then Sean & I, haha. We are looking forward to next weekend at Mema & Poppy's house and spending some time in the pool (heated pool) and the beach.
This is picture is from Payten's trip to the beach a few weeks ago!

As for baby #2, I am going into my 12th week, the first trimesr is almost over, thank goodness! I will be going next week for my monthly check up. I will be having the genetic testing done, an ultrasound is included so we are excited to see our little bean again. I will be sure to post pictures. :-)

Well just in case it gets real crazy this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Wish we could all be together to spend it together but we will be thinking of everyone. Have a great week!