April 22, 2009

Is it Friday yet??

This week feels like the never ending week..... I think because I am looking forward to our weekend at the beach so its making the days feel longer. :-( Payten has a little bit of a cold. Not sure where she got it from. But she woke up this morning with a runny nose and a slight fever. By lunch time the fever was gone so I am hoping her runny nose will disappear soon too!

Our week has been pretty uneventful so far. Sean has been working on the backyard project. And we found out some not so good news about it. He finally measured to see how much sod we need, and WOW 7 palettes! That's about $900 or so. So needless to say we will be doing a little at a time. We will work on the swing set area and planting the plants and flowers and slowly work into replacing the sod. This winter really killed everything in our yard and we are truly paying for it now. :-( The joys of being a homeowner... :-)

Well it's almost the weekend, WOO HOO! Have a great one everyone!