April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

We didn't have your typical Easter Sunday but that is the advantage of living in Florida. We headed down to Mom & Dad Bachur's on Saturday, spent Saturday and Sunday at the beach. Payten had a blast and was running around everywhere. I am still shocked at how good she was. Looks like we will be making lots of more trips to the beach this summer. :-)Before heading to the beach we had lunch of course and Payten though she would be funny like her Dad and make funny faces while I was trying to get her picture. She is such a mini Sean!She was hytersical carrying her bucket all around the beach. She is a little flirt I tell ya. She was saying Hi to every person that walked by her. We are in big trouble when she gets older!
Payten made out like a bandit for the Easter bunny! She had so much she didn't even know where to start. But her new Crayola stampers are her favorite. Thank you Aunt Jane for her adorable Hello Kitty basket!
Payten on Easter Sunday! We said heck with the Easter dress and went right for the bathing suit. :-) She had a blast playing on the beach with her Auntie Tracy, grandparents, and great aunts & uncles.

I hope everyone has a great week! I will be suer to post tomorrow after returning from my ultrasound. Can't wait to see how much this little peanut has grown. :-) Happy Monday!