April 24, 2009

Happy 14 Months Payten!!!

I still can't believe my little peanut is 14 months already! It feels like yesterday when we were bringing you home for the first time. A lot sure has changed since then. The above picture was taken at 6 months old and you were just starting to crawl. You weighed 15 lbs 6oz and 25 1/2 inches long!
And how much you have changed month to month is just incredible. You learn new things every day and never seem to surprise Daddy & I with all the new things are you learning. I think the first "Hi" in the morning melts our hearts every morning. In the picture above you were 8 months old and weighed 17lbs 11oz, 27 inches long. By this time you had mastered crawling. :-)
And now at 14 months you are more fun then ever. Running all over the place, racing us up the stairs... and the best was at the beach when you were running all around saying "Hi" to everyone with your little yellow bucket in your hand. Happy 14 months baby girl!!!