November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend

I really wish every weekend was 4 days!  It's the perfect amount of time to have fun and get things accomplished!  Although I am still feeling overwhelmed since we leave for our trip on Thursday but with some late nights this week it'll all get done, so I hope :-)

Thursday we had a great Thanksgiving with our family and friends.  We ate and ate.... to the point where I don't think I am going to eat another thing for weeks!  I am STILL stuffed!  

Thursday night after dessert, the girls went home with my parents to spend some quality time with their Mema & Poppy.  It was a nice treat for the hubby and I since we don't get much alone time.  Thursday evening I ventured out on my normal Black Friday shopping.  This year Sean even joined us.  Well more like he waited on the Target line for us :-).  What a good husband right?!  Got some pretty good deals.  Not as good at the years before but some stuff was well worth it.  

Friday night we went with some friends to catch a bite to eat and have some "adult" time!  We went to my fav "Rocco Tacos".  Love that place!  Great food, good drinks, awesome DJ.... a great night out!
Saturday morning I ran a few errands, got my nails done, enjoyed running errands not worrying about having to get home before the girls went wild :-)... Late that afternoon we headed to my parents to pick up the girls.  They were both happy and sad to see us.  They missed us of course but didn't want to leave their Mema & Poppy's house :-(.  They had a great time with them!

Sunday morning we started our morning with some yummy donuts.  The girls favorite on a Sunday morning. 
After they were all sugared up, we decorated our Christmas tree.  Since the coming weekends are crazy busy we wanted to get this done.  We almost were going to say forget the tree since we'll be in Wisconsin for Christmas this year but the girls begged to put it up.  They had a blast decorating it!  They just wished Mommy didn't have so many breakable ornaments... note for next year buy some non shattering ornaments :-)
 Our Elf on the shelf arrived yesterday too!  The girls are in awww over him.... They named him Corgi :-)
We had a great long weekend!  And we are already looking forward to our next long weekend, THIS WEEKEND!!!  We'll be cruising out of here on Thursday!  Can't wait!!
Enjoying the Christmas tree and watching the Giants kick some Packer bootie... Perfect ending to the weekend!


Christine Bruno said...

Love all the Christmas decor, especially the elf! The Christmas tree is so pretty and kudos to the Giants for beating the Packers woo hoo!

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