November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness - Week 4

Day 22: Today I am so thankful to be spending the holiday with my family & friends. Missing all of the ones that we can't spend the day with. Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day! {Gobble gobble}
Day 23: I am so thankful for Black Friday for all the awesome deals!! And also thankful to my parents for keeping the girls while we shop ♥

Day 24: Today I am so thankful for these past two days with my hubby!! It doesn't happen often were we get to spend time just the two of us.. I've really enjoyed this!! ❤ ya Sean Paul!! 
Day 25: Today I am thankful for a great 4 day weekend... I wish every weekend could be like this! Quality time with the girls and the hubby, doesn't get any better then that!

Day 26: Today I am so thankful that the GMEN kicked some Packer behind. :-)
Day 27: Today I am so thankful for being able to go on vacation in a few days.... but do I really have to pack?! One of my least favorite things to do! 
Day 28: Today I am so thankful for my blog. I really do love having a place to brag about my girls... hehe. I know this is something in the years to come that I will love looking back on. 

Day 29: I am sooo thankful that today we are leaving outta here on a BIG boat.... So thankful we get to take our first family cruise!

Day 30: Today I am so thankful for good health! After hearing and seeing so many heart breaking stories on sicknesses this year, I feel so fortunate to be so healthy. I am praying 2013 brings happiness and good health to everyone! ♥