November 5, 2012

Respect the turkey!

It was one of those short/long weekends.  The time change always throws my day for a loop.  It feels like the never ending day!

Our weekend was pretty uneventful.  Saturday morning Payten had her last soccer game of the season.  After the soccer game we had our end of the season team party.  Pizza and cupcakes, the kids favorites :-)  It was a quick party since they all seemed pretty tired.  We had a great season!  It was Payten's favorite but overall she did have a lot of fun with her friends! (Pictures to come soon, having issues with my memory card)

After the soccer party, I met my friend LeeAnn at the mall.  I was walking around waiting for her to arrive and ran into Santa, yes I said Santa!  Halloween just ended a few days ago and Santa is already here?  Craziness!  Totally disrespecting the turkey!!  A friend found this so I had to post!!!  Hysterical!

Saturday evening I started to feel under the weather and it hit me full force yesterday!  I spent most of the day just hanging around.  Sure hope I start to feel better soon!!!!  Hope everyone had a great weekend! 


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