November 16, 2012


What a week!  Just pure craziness!  When the sickies in this house, they hit hard :-(.  Poor Camryn has the flu.  I feel so horrible for her.  She is miserable.  I am hoping it passes soon so I can have my sweet Cami back!  We already started Payten on the preventative medicine that way hopefully she doesn't catch it.  Now my hubby and I have to hope we don't get it.. :-/
Since we'll be spending the weekend home hoping that the sickies go away we'll have lots of time on our hands, so looks like we'll start decorating for Christmas.  I hate to do it before Thanksgiving but since we have the time we mind as well get started.  It usually takes some time to finish everything.  My hubby and I are a bit obsessed with decorating for Christmas.  Stay tuned to pics... I am sure there will be a ton :-)

Happy Friday!!


Anonymous said...

Im starting decorating this weekend too!