January 30, 2012

Our Weekend & Colby's Birthday Party

It was a pretty low key weekend this weekend! Friday night the hubby and I caught up on some house chores and then got to enjoy some TV time just the two of us. It was nice to have some downtime with him. It doesn't happen often. We are usually always running around on the weekends.

Saturday after dance class my parents and aunt came for a day visit. It was great to see them. The girls LOVE when they visit! But of course sad to see them go :-(

Sunday morning was spent catching up on laundry and finishing up a few more house chores. After lunch Payten and I headed to Colby's Princess Birthday party. It was lots of fun and super cute! Payten said she wants to have her party there next year. :-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Birthday Girl - Princess Colby