January 9, 2012

Kirkland's finds!

I caved.... I went to Kirkland's this weekend and bought the bookcase, well in this case a picture holder, LOL. I am not even close to be done finishing this, just trying to get a feel for it. I will post pictures when I am finished!

Kirkland's has been my best friend lately. I have been picking up odds and ends decorating pieces every week. These are my latest finds!

My little rooster guy! He will be going above my cabinets in the kitchen!

I am so sick of the fruit being all over my counter so I caved and bought this. And LOVE it!!!


YUMMommy said...

Looks you found some really great pieces. I need to invest in a fruit basket for my counter too. I had purchased some bananas but they went bad after they rolled behind some stuff stacked up on the counter.