January 5, 2012

New Year = New Projects

Well on my hubby's week off last week he decided that he was going to paint the master bathroom. It was supposed to be a little project but is turning into a big ordeal. He thought I said I wanted to replace the mirrors (when I really didn't), and now since he took down the old ones they can't go back up since they were GLUED on, yea the builders are dumb. So we have been on a hunt for mirrors. We have been EVERYWHERE and have only been able to find one that works. So we are still searching. My bathroom is a DISASTER and I can't wait until its all finished! I would post pictures except for the fact that I can barely even walk in there :-(

Well in searching for these mirrors I have purchased a few other home decor pieces. I am trying to finish up decorating the house but I am not sure it will ever be finished. But at least a girl can hope :-)

Some of our new decor...

Loving my new FORK and SPOON :-) I am still thinking of adding a bronze finish to them.. but in the meantime I love them!!! Its something different!

I also bought a new clock. The one before was kind of new from the old house but I wanted something with a little more color and I LOVE it!!!

Old Clock

And of course I can't forget my new wall organizer. Now finally my counter tops can stay free from papers being everywhere! Hallelujah!


Life in Dawleywood said...

I am loving the fork and spoon! I think a bronze finish would look great

Tanya said...

Definitly go with a bronze finish would look awesome with the other colors of your kitchen.