January 6, 2012

Ideas, ideas. . .

I don't know what is going on with me, maybe because its a new year but I am in decorating mode. I am ready to finish up the finishing touches on the house. But let me tell you I have a longggg list! I guess room by room...

First check out this cool name monogram... I am thinking for the top of our stairs. Now I just need to choose which one. I am leaning towards the second one though. I love Etsy!!

As you can tell I am obsessed with these vinyl decals... I am also looking to order one for the kitchen over the door way. It needs something and was thinking this would work perfect!

I know like over kill on these decals but just love them... I am even going to add one to our staircase. I think it will be cute with my million in one pictures in our staircase!

This picture is from Pinterest.... however below is my staircase. I totally need to update the pictures in here!

Our Kitchen has a long counter. I have been debating whether or not to get bar stools but I am thinking of going for it. I think it will give it a finishing touch, not to mention then the girls can have breakfast here. Instead of destroying the ktichen table before school :-)

My dining room too has been lacking some "decor", I have finally decided that I am ordering a ladder/bookcase for the corner to the right of the curtains. I think it will be a great finishing touch. And of course more places to put pictures :-)

This picture is old because now we have a new dining room light :-)