October 22, 2011

West Orlando Fall Festival

I can't believe I am actually posting on the actual day we attended something. This is a big first for me lately. Things have been quite crazy so blogging has taken a back burner :-(

Today was a busy day. We started it at First Watch for breakfast with the Berry Family, then Payten and I went to dance. We headed home for a bit then met up with the Ellison's and Hinken's for some fall fun at the West Orlando Baptist Church's fall festival. This is our 3rd year going and it was a lot of fun! I am loving all of these festivals, even they exhaust me! Hope everyone is enjoying all the fall activities as much as we are!

As you can see Camryn was not a fan of the scarecrow :-(


YUMMommy said...

No she was not feeling it one bit. Moo is not a fan of them either.