October 18, 2011


Just when I get back to blogging we get a HORRID case of the sickies in the house. Of course I had it the worst. I had a fever for SIX days straight, even landed myself in the ER on Wednesday evening since my fever was 103.5. It was quite scary. After 6 hours in the ER they were finally able to get my fever down. I am still not a 100% yet but hoping in the next few days I will be good as new. Now of course the girls have caught it. Camryn caught it Saturday, and spent the weekend home with her Daddy. And now Payten is going through it. She still has a fever but I am hoping it breaks today.

I have lots to blog about so hopefully I can catch up soon! Happy Tuesday!


YUMMommy said...

I hope that you all get better.