October 7, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Camryn Brooke!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Camryn Brooke! I still can't believe its been two years since I took this picture. It was taken just a few hours before you were born. The minute you were born you completed our family of four! We love you so very much! Happy Birthday baby girl!

She's here!!! ~ Camryn Brooke, 6lbs 7oz

Mommy getting to hold her new baby girl!

And Daddy too! (Look at those long fingers)

And finally she gets to meet her BIG sister :-)

We can't wait to celebrate your 2nd birthday with family & friends! Happy Birthday Camryn Brooke!


YUMMommy said...

Hope she enjoys her special day!

Heather said...

Hope she had a great birthday!!! Babygirl turned two at the end of August. It is crazy how fast time flies, doesn't it?? Just wanted to say hi since I haven't been able to in quite a while. Hope all is well on your side of the bloggy world! ;o)