October 3, 2011

Oh Monday!

Is the weekend really over?! It feels like it just got started! They fly by way too fast!!!

My girls night went great Friday night. It was nice to have an adult night for once. Those nights are few and far between so when they do actually happen its lots of fun!

Saturday morning we started off by bringing Payten to dance class. I had Camryn with me that morning while the hubby went to the old house to get the girls swing set. Apparently Camryn was still not feeling well and she was miserable!!! We came home, had lunch and the girls went down for a nap. We were supposed to go to a birthday party in the late afternoon but Camryn was just miserable. :-( We spent Saturday evening home relaxing with the girls.

Yesterday we celebrated Addison's special day with her. It was her Baptism day. We had such a good time with her and her family. Beautiful day for a beautiful little girl!

Can't believe the weekend is over already but looking forward to this coming weekend! Camryn is turning 2! I still can't believe it! Lots to do before her big party :-)

Happy Monday!