October 26, 2011

Go go go!

That is what I am constantly doing these days... just going and going! It's another crazy week around here. Lots going on and just not enough hours in the day!

I am trying to get things together for our annual Kids Halloween Costume party. Ever since being sick my motivation has been lacking, so its been a struggle lately. But it will get done, it might be Friday night but it will :-)

Yesterday afternoon we had a mini photo session with Laynie Harris Photography. Laynie is a old co-worker of mine and it was soo great to see her. I can't wait to see the girls pictures!!

Tomorrow we are heading to another fall festival in town. We went to this one last year and the girls had a blast so its a must go. I'm just hoping the weather stays cool.

In the midst of the craziness I get to pick up my baby sister tomorrow from Tampa as she will be living with us a bit before she heads out to boot camp next month. I can't wait to spend time with her!!! But I sure will miss her when she leaves :-(

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

I never post photos of my furry kids anymore... so here is my Roxberry :-)