October 25, 2010

Fall Festival

This weekend was another fun one for us! Jammed packed of course but totally worth it! Saturday morning, Aunt Tracy came to see Payten's dance class for the first time. Payten was so happy her Auntie Tracy was able to make it. After dance we headed over to the mall to grab to some lunch. Payten just loves the Merry Go Round so she gave one of those how can you say no smiles and Aunt Tracy caved :-) Her facial expressions on this were priceless!

We had some time in between the mall and fall festival so we headed to a park close by. The girls had a blast swinging and sliding.

West Orlando Baptist church has a Fall Festival every year, its always a lot of fun. This is our 3rd year going and it seems that every year its the HOTTEST day of the year! You would never know its the end of October, its been extremely HOT! Where is our fall weather?? Payten and Camryn enjoyed the afternoon with the Ellison and Hinken kids. The older ones bounced their hearts away and the little ones enjoyed all the yummy treats!

Camryn watching her sister getting her face painted.

Payten loving some cotton candy! It's her favorite!

The Hogan & Ellison kiddies

Pumpkin decorating

Bryce watching his sister play all the fun games!

The dad's helping the girls win!


Karen At Home said...

It looks like you had a great weekend! BTW, I love your blog design, it adorable!

LeeAnn said...

Thanks for inviting us out there Tiff! We had a great time! I wish I had taken more pictures, though. Well, maybe if you and I hadn't been talking the whole entire time we could have! LOL

I am loving all of the fall activities! Too bad it is so HOT out!