October 24, 2010

Payten Elisabeth - 32 Months

It's been months since I have done an update on Payten. So I figured it was time for one!

Payten is 32 months today! Sounds weird doesn't it?

She is loving school. No more tears in the morning thank goodness. Potty training is well still a work in progress. Some days are great and others are ehhh. We'll keep trying at it and hopefully she'll get it completely! Her vocabulary has really expanded since going to school. Sometimes she says something, I think wow did that just come out of her mouth? Camryn is her best buddy these days. She absolutely loves playing with her little sister even though she does mess with her things. Weighs 25 1/2 pounds and is wearing 2T shirts and 18-24 month bottoms (for the most part). Next week is her fall party/carnival at school so she is really excited!


Carrie said...

Such a happy girl! That hat with the flower is just too cute!

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Great photos, she is so photogenic. Glad she is enjoying school.

Carolyn said...

So beautiful! I loooove her outfit :)