October 5, 2010

I hate sickies!

We had such a fun weekend celebrating Camryn's 1st birthday, so of course it is followed by the case of the sickies, oh yeah and a ouchie too!

Camryn had been running a fever for a few days but it had finally broke. I thought we were in the clear, until I went to get her out of bed yesterday and she had little red dots all over her! Poor thing has been miserable. :-( And to top it off she has a nice black eye from her older loving sister :-) It was an accident of course, but I feel horrible that Camryn can't cut a break. Hopefully everything will clear up just in time for her 1st Birthday on Thursday. Hoping the week gets better for our baby girl!

Camryn with her "dots" and "black eye" :-(

The older loving sister :-)

Her poor little eye


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Anonymous said...

Adorable kids...new follower from TTA...Kat

From Cristin to Mommy said...

poor things
but they are too cute!!
Happy Tuesday!
i am your newest follower
From Cristin To Mommy

Teresa Choplin said...

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