August 1, 2011

Where did the weekend go?!

It was a busy busy weekend!!!

Friday evening, the hubby was out golfing with friends for his birthday. It was the last night of VBS (Vacation Bible School), so Camryn and I dropped off Payten. Camryn and I did a little shopping and then went to pick up Payten.

Before we were leaving for VBS the girls wanted to take a few pictures! I love these girls so so much!

Saturday we spent most of the day organizing and packing. Saturday evening the hubby and I went out to celebrate his birthday, just the two of us :-)

First we went to Chili's for the yummy 2 for $20 deal! I had my favorite Quesadilla Explosion Salad, yummy!

Then we headed over to the movie theater to see 'Friends with Benefits". Great movie! Just hysterical! This is the first movie I have saw with my hubby at the theater in like two years!

Yesterday was a busy day of organizing and packing. The garage is now sorted into two, 1st area being our "ready to be moved" side, and the other is the "moving sale" side. I am glad we are more organized now but of course there is still a lot more packing to do!

We decided to take a little break, and head out to a few stores. Our first stop was Badcock Furniture to check out this cute kitchen table. I loved it and the price was right so we ordered it.

After we left there we headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond, Best Buy (the hubby's choice of course), and to Home Depot to pick up out paint samples. We have finally narrowed down the colors to the Master Bedroom, Payten's Room, Camryn's Room, the girls bathroom, and the office. We still have lots more to pick out but at least we have a starting point :-)

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!! I am hoping this next one has a little beach time or water park time in it :-) I am missing my weekly dose of the sun :-) Happy Monday!